On Our Line: The Rail and Transport Podcast

In-depth interviews and analysis of the engineering, politics and history of rail and transport systems across the UK and the world. Presented by Nicole Badstuber and John Bull from London Reconnections, each episode focuses on a single transport topic and features experts drawn from across the industry, academic and political spectrum.
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Aug 31, 2016

In the latest episode of our On Our Line podcast series , Nicole discusses the architecture and design of Crossrail’s stations with architecture critic Hugh Pearman and Crossrail’s Head of Architecture Julian Robinson.

Tune in to hear about the design vision for Crossrail and how it was implemented. Our guests elaborate on the guiding design principles, what was learnt from London Underground and the challenges to implementing that vision. In addition, they discuss how the Transport for London brand and the new unique Crossrail identity were woven into the fabric of each station to create familiar, easily navigable stations that also reflect their history, character and community.

Julian Robinson is Head of Architecture at Crossrail Ltd. He is in charge of delivering a coherent design for Crossrail’s new and upgraded stations by working with Crossrail’s many partners. Julian has described his vision for the new railway line as one that seeks to balance the uniqueness of the Jubilee line stations with the rigidity of Holden and Pick”. Before moving to Crossrail to head its architecture team, Julian worked on the transformation of St Pancras station and the extension of the Jubilee Line.

Hugh Pearman is a London-based architecture and design critic. He is the editor of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ monthly magazine RIBA Journal. He was The Sunday Times architecture and design critic for 30 years, from 1986 to earlier this year. Hugh was a Visiting Professor in Architecture at the Royal College of Art in 2015. He served as Vice President of London’s Architectural Association and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Hugh’s books include the bestselling Contemporary World Architecture. His latest Platform for Design tells the story of the Crossrail stations’ design, documenting the design vision and approach taken, as well as the unique features of each of the 40 stations.

Aug 19, 2016
To celebrate the start of the Night Tube service this evening, London Reconnections is pleased to bring you the first episode of On Our Line: Extra.
We will be offering these podcast extras in addition to our regular month episodes. These podcast extras still focus on all matters transport but might vary in scope and format from the our regular month episodes. For instance, they may be on very timely topics such as this episode on the Night Tube today    
In this episode, Nicole talks to the man responsible for the implementation of the Night Tube. Kevin Dunning is the Director of Asset and Operational Support for London Underground , and has been responsible for the logistics and preparation for the new 24hr service. 
The talk covers a wide range of topics, from the initial planning and engineering challenges, to the testing process, and we can expect from the service in the months and years to come, as it becomes a staple of London life, and impacts upon the city.